Let us meet on the mat for an enriching yoga practice and stimulating mind-body experience at your next meeting.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Beginnings

Over the last nine months, I have been fortunate to have many new beginnings in my life, and I don't mean conceiving a child, not quite yet. I did however birth a dream, one that I have had since 2007. With the encouragement of loved ones and the determination to overcome my fears, The Meeting Yogi, was founded.

The Meeting Yogi was established in hopes to enrich meeting attendees' participation by offering a yoga practice and providing an energizing mind-body experience.  The goal is to serve as a  leader  in providing access to finding balance and promote a healthy lifestyle.

As my new beginnings turn into everyday life, I am cautious not to dwell on the past, and to be thankful for what is here and now. Knowing that every moment in your day, good or bad, happy or sad, glad or mad is just a manifestation of thoughts going through your mind in the present moment that trigger your emotions and actions.  Learning to acknowledge the negative thoughts and not give them the attention that attracts negative events to your day and life is the challenge of living in the present moment.

Let's meet on the mat at your next meeting or event. Check out www.themeetingyogi.com for more information or email bana@themeetingyogi.com.


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