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Monday, April 25, 2011

A pact to stop using the word "STRESS"

The word stress should be spelled with one 's', so that it becomes a four letter word that is vulgar and prohibited from network television and radio stations.  Ever wonder why as soon as you say, "I am so stressed out," your body automatically believes that there is something physically wrong.  If it is not a physical sensation, the mind tends to take over and emotional negativity sets in.  We say the word often, what does it even mean? We now classify it as 'good' or 'bad'. Let's make a pact to stop using the word all together, because there is nothing positive about it!

The word stress has been associated with human disease, i.e. heart attacks, pimples, etc.  Some use it as an excuse to overcome mundane tasks at work, or to avoid difficult life challenges.  If you feel stress, you are not listening to your body or staying in the present moment, your mind is clouded and consumed by the indescribable sensation that is associated with the word.  However, I would love to know what stress feels like. I am currently negotiating five contracts for my 9-5, trying to build my own business, starting in a brand new field, and finding time for friends and family.  I am not bragging by any means, but I find myself lacking the energy that I need to sustain as an individual as soon as the words "I am stressed" come out of my mouth.  I lose focus and I am suddenly dwelling on the word and I'm consumed with battling the thoughts in my head and the challenge of getting "unstressed" than tackling  a situation or the task at hand.

It is quite fascinating to me how one little word can destroy a body, families, a relationship, a career, or a lifetime.  I have to admit, I use it frequently, and for some reason today it hit me. The fact is we all go through hard times, sometimes overwhelming, and often times things are great. The word causes us to think of all the negative times, outcomes to decisions, or the future, when in fact the key is to make sure we remember to stay present in the moment and to control things that are within our scope of control keeping our minds clear of "the stress cloud".  Remember that the actions and decisions that we make today will affect our tomorrow.  I realize it is tough to do, when your to do list, bills, the IRS, or whatever causes you stress consumes your everyday. I am guilty of promoting "good stress" until it hit me today...there is no such thing. Getting organized and maintaining a clear head is more important than zeroing in on how stressed out I am.  I hope you found this blog helpful, because it stressed me out to complete, just kidding!

This is a pact to stop using the word STRESS. Are you in?

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  1. Bana,
    I love your blog! It's unlike most of the ones I read because it's truly personal. You're absolutely right about stress. We need to be mindful of what it does to our bodies and minds. Laughter and dance help me manage it and I've found that the older I get, the less I allow stress to affect me.

    A belated welcome to the blogosphere and thanks for adding your unique voice to this community.